1. Bandicam: 'Game Recording' mode

This mode allows you to record gameplay without lag while showing FPS. » See more...

Recording - directx/opengl programs

2. Bandicam: 'Screen Recording' mode

This mode allows you to record everything on your computer screen and draw lines, boxes, or highlights while recording.» See more...

Recording - PC screen

3. Bandicam: 'Device Recording' mode

The 'Device Recording' mode allows you to record external video devices such as a Webcam, XBOX/PlayStation, Smartphone, IPTV, Capture card, etc. » See more...

device: webcam recording, hdmi recording

4. Webcam overlay / PiP

Your webcam stream will be simultaneously recorded and merged with the game / screen recording (Picture-in-Picture, Video-in-Video). » See more...

Bandicam Webcam overlay, PiP

5. Hardware Acceleration

Bandicam optimizes recording performance by using a hardware-accelerated H.264 encoder. It will allow you to record the target in high speed, with a high compression ratio and excellent quality. » See more...

h264 recording, NVENC h264 recording, nvidia cuda h264 recording, intel quick sync h264 recording, AMD, APP

6. Mouse Click Effect/Animation

You can add a mouse click effect/animation while recording.

Bandicam Mouse Click Animation mouse click effects

7. Video Format Settings

You can change the video format, size, FPS, codec, bitrate and quality. » See more...

Video Format Settings

8. Auto Start/Complete Recording

You can start a new recording, stop recording or shutdown your computer by recording time/filesize.

Auto Complete Recording

9. BandiFix (Free avi recovery program)

You can recover a corrupted/broken AVI file that cannot be played. » See more...

Bandifix - free broken avi file recovery program