Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These are frequently asked questions about Bandicam

There is no sound for the captured streaming video (Sound Problem).

- If there is no sound for the captured streaming video, it's usually the "Stereo Mix" setting problem...

The recorded video file runs black (Black Screen Problem).

- The reason for the black screen is because of the "video acceleration function (Overlay output)"...

How to record a voice from the microphone (Microphone Problem).

- To record speakers and microphone at the same time, you should set "Volume control" correctly.

How to record "computer sound" and "your voice" at the same time

- To record "computer sound" and "your voice" at the same time, use "Secondary Sound device" of Bandicam.

How to edit the recorded streaming video.

- To edit the recorded streaming video in Premiere (or Sony Vegas), select 'Motion JPEG video codec' and 'PCM audio codec'.

Computer lag, my computer runs slowly when the recording

- To minimize the computer lag, reduce the size of the video, FPS, resolution, and quality of the video.

How to watch the recorded video in the mobile phone, iPod or PSP

- To watch the recorded videos in the mobile phone, DivX players, or PSP, convert the file using an encoding program like VirtualDub.

I can't see the FPS number (green-colored number), I can't record games.

- It is recommended to run the Bandicam program ahead of the target program as much as possible.

How to recover a .tmp file from Fraps?

- Change the file name from *.tmp to *.avi and use BandiFix program to fix the broken *.avi (*.tmp) file.